Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Work Didn't Quite Work Out

I have to say, I'm really starting to question my "suitability" to hold, like, or want a job. LOL! For the life of me, I cannot find MY job. A job that fits. A job that I want to go to everyday. Oh wait, I don't want to go to a job everyday!  Anyway, the last job that I was supposed to start (see previous blog post), well I started it......and.....it didn't work out. But wait! It wasn't MY fault! The job they hired me for (that I didn't even apply to but the HR manager thought it'd be a "perfect" fit) (not), was posted as "project coordinator". The first week in, I was like, "um, where's the "project" in the project coordinator?" My bar fly of a direct supervisor didn't really appreciate that comment. After another week, I went to my big boss and the HR lady and they both agreed I'd be better in what they call the "project engineer" position. Well hello!!! Duh! That's what I do! Project coordinator at this place meant project accountant. I.Don't.Do.Accounting. PERIOD!!! So yay! I agreed it'd be better for me so I accepted. Well the next day, surprise! The girl who quit that job 2 weeks before suddenly wanted her "old job back", she'd "made a mistake". So they took her back and I was out. Nice huh? Oh well, probably saved me from further misery. There's more to the story but even I'm bored with the details so let's just skip it and move on shall we?
Since I blew out of there, I've been searching for something else but I haven't found anything. I just don't want a pain in the ass type of job. I'm too old for this b.s. I just want a pleasant place to work with nice people. Not sure if that even exists anymore. Did it ever?!

I'm taking time off from creating art too. It felt good to put my Etsy shop on vacation and take time for myself to do nothing. I've been wanting to work on some jewelry for my other shop, Salem's Charms, and I spread the beads etc. all over my dining room table. Can I get anything done? No. Just not feeling it. Eh, maybe tomorrow I'll roll out some dough for beads or something. Maybe.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Welcome to 2018!

As a kid, I used to lay in bed and calculate how old I'd be in the year 2000. It seemed so impossibly far off in the future, I couldn't even imagine! Now that year has long come and gone and I've clicked over to the ripe old age of 60. Oh.My.God. 60! I have to admit I'm sort of in panic mode here. Life is whizzing by!!!! STOP!!! I don't want it to ever end. Am I scared about getting older, aging, possible sickness, all those worries I guess everyone else has? Yes. For sure I am. So I've made a vow this year. Not some stupid resolution that you know you'll abandon in February, but a vow. I'm vowing to live THE BEST LIFE I CAN! Every day, every minute, every second!!! And to do that means I need to live how and where I want to live and that is not where I currently am. Biggest mistake I ever made was moving out of Seattle, but mistakes can be fixed and that's part of my "vow" for 2018!

Aside from my clicking to 60 (gulp), there hasn't been a lot of "landmark" events that have happened in 2017 really. Well our grandma (Granny Hilda) from California just passed away a couple weeks ago and that was huge for us. We loved this woman SO much! She would've been 100 this May 1st. She was truly my hero. A crazy, kooky, free spirit of a woman that I've always loved and admired. She loved everything Western, cowboy, Arabian horse, and country. She raised Arabian horses her whole life and gave me 2 of them. We had adventures together, traveled in her van on road trips, road the rails on a train trip from CA to WA, ate lots of Mexican food, and had just the best of times. On one of our road trips, we took her up to Lake Tahoe, CA to the Ponderosa Ranch where they filmed the old TV western "Bonanza". We tried to hook her up with an older dapper gentlemen who tended the saloon there. Unfortunately he was already married. LOL! Yes, she will be dearly missed...they broke the mold with her that's for sure..

2017 also brought the end to a job that I hated and gave me anxiety attacks everyday that I was there. It was awful! After about 6 months of that job, I said enough, life's too short, and quit. Ok, so I didn't have a paycheck for about 4 months or so, but I was miserable and that's worth something!  In the interim, I cute hair. I'm licensed for it so I thought why not. O.M.G. hated it!!! I must've worked at about 4 places if not more, and I'd last about a day, sometimes 2. Truly, it was awful. I love to actually cut hair, I just don't like that the hair is attached to a human being that smells, doesn't wash, or is an ass-hat. No thanks. Again, life is just too short!!!

This past year has also brought me a lot of great sales as well as customers in my Etsy shop, By Way of Salem. My sales have increased by like 46% from last year which is fantastic! Surprisingly, I didn't sell as many of my painted snowmen rocks as I normally do, but instead sold a lot of everything else. I think it's cause everyone's sort of getting on board with painting rocks. It's a "thing" now.

My jewelry sales in my other shop, "Salem's Charms" haven't been as great as I'd like, but I do keep selling so I guess that's promising. That's my other goal this year, to really work on that shop and to get better photos of my items as well as create new ones and learn new techniques, and market more. I know it can be successful so that's a plan.

I got another dog this past year which brings us back up to 6 after losing Freckles, my #1 dog and love of my life. This one is named "Dolly". She's a purebred Pit and the sweetest girl EVER! Another rescue I'm afraid. Hubby found her wandering into his GM dealership and she was still wandering around there when he was leaving for the day so he brought her home. She's just the sweetest girl and I'm so happy to have her!

I start a new "day job" tomorrow for a large construction company in Franklin, TN. as a Project Coordinator, which is what I do when I'm not creating art. I'm pretty excited about it cause not only does it pay really well, but it offers health benefits. I've been without those for about 2 years now and I've been feeling like a ticking time bomb. I've got a lot of health issues and really can't afford to be without, but what could I do? Paying $900 a month for "affordable" health insurance just wasn't in the budget when you're bringing in $0!  

The true goal for my job though is to buy another house somewhere where I truly want to live! 
Somewhere where there's skiing and snow and four seasons. Also somewhere with a city where I can work if I need. But this would be our true retirement/forever home, which I thought TN would be but it for sure isn't. We're thinking of either Salt Lake City, Utah or thereabouts, or possibly Colorado. And maybe a modular home or A-frame cabin or something. Doesn't need to be huge, just something with a big kitchen and ample room for a craft studio as well as my many critters. Or I'd consider a nice trailer, as in the towable kind possibly to put on a piece of land. Not sure.  And of course must be near skiing! That's a big part of my "vow"; to continue my life doing what I love; skiing.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

It's the middle of December already? It was just Thanksgiving!!! Well here I am. Back after a crazy month of job searching (yes again), making things for my Etsy shop, selling, and filling orders, shipping, you get the idea. It's looked like Santa's workshop at my house for the last month or so. 
Speaking of Etsy, I've had over 310 sales now and I'm very excited and grateful for that. I remember my first sale many years ago and I feel just as excited as I did back then!  I'm hoping to expand this year adding in more tree toppers, stockings, maybe some tree skirts and more ornaments. I've got some great ideas brewing!
My Snowman Angel Tree Topper
AND...I'm changing up my By Way of Salem logo a bit as well. Something more cheery and Christmas-y while still keeping a little of the Halloween theme. Not sure how exactly I'm going to go about this, but it'll be fun creating a new look!

Have you been baking any holiday goodies? Christmas cookies? Cranberry cake? I think I might try to bake something yummy myself. I love to decorate pretty holiday sugar cookies!! So festive!

I love this season. I feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful things in my life; my art, my amazing customers that buy my crafts from my Etsy shop, my family, pets, friends, helping others in need, even watching Hallmark movies! (love them!). There's just so many things to be grateful for everyday and the Christmas season is always the time I reflect and give thanks for all my blessings.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Will you be partaking in "Black Friday?" I definitely won't be. I love shopping, the hectic hustle and bustle of the holiday rush and all, but Black Friday is just a bit too crazy even for this girl. I'll just shop local at some of the little mom and pop shops. Kind of cozy and a bit more intimate I think.
What are your plans for the holidays this year? For me, it'll be a quiet one. It's been that way pretty much since my Dad passed away. Holidays just aren't the same without him at the end of the table. There's really only my brother and myself left and he's in California and I'm in Tennessee (for now), so we just celebrate on our own. Sort of lonely but we make the best of it. Try and find bits of joy....

My Etsy shop is always busy this time of year so I've been filling orders while watching Hallmark movies. I just love them! Do you have a favorite? "Christmas Under Wraps" is one of mine.

I also love, "A Christmas Kiss", though I don't think it's a Hallmark movie. It's still one of those happy, feel good, festive ones though.
I've been working a little also, just cutting hair for now until I find a regular day job, or maybe I'll stay cutting hair. I really do like it. I mean what a fun job!
Really I've been home more than I've been working, but that's ok. I love to spend time with my dogs and cats especially cause 2 of my dogs are getting old and every day counts. I give extra love and attention to them. The dogs love having me around too to keep them company. We all watch Hallmark movies together!!

Happiest of holidays everyone!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

It's Creepy and it's Spooky!

Hey everyone! I hope you're all enjoying these wondrous Fall days! Cooler temps, glorious red and gold leaves, the Harvest moon, displays of mums and pumpkins...oh I could go on! These are my perfect days....

I wanted to share something really special with you that I stumbled upon while perusing some pages on Facebook. I've been researching different areas where I want to eventually move to and so far I've narrowed it to two states; Utah or Colorado. The reason? Skiing of course! Not to mention the beautiful four seasons as well. So while searching, I found an amazing photograph that is so perfect for this time of year and especially Halloween. I think this artist captured the perfect image for the season. Take a look at this!

OMG just looking at this photograph, I envision Michael Meyers (Halloween) hiding behind the tree, or a terrifying scarecrow or Pumpkinhead! I can FEEL this photo. The mood of it is just captivating. The amazing photographer is Johnny Gomez of J2B Photography in Colorado. All his work is glorious but this has to be my favorite!

Here's a few of my own favorite Fall and Halloween photos, some from when I lived in Washington State and others just part of my favorite picture collection. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's Fall!

It's finally Fall here in middle Tennessee. I feel like I've been waiting 11 months for it too! I just am not one for hot, humid weather so these cool, crisp days and nights make me one happy girl!

While I've been busy filling holiday orders from my Etsy shop, I daydream of New England in Fall. For some reason, when I think of Fall, I see Vermont and New Hampshire, places that are known for their spectacular Fall foliage. Did you know that New Hampshire has an amazing Pumpkin Festival every year as well? True! These charming little towns go all out for Fall and Halloween.

Take a peek!

Fall - Vermont
Pumpkins for sale in Vermont
Pumpkin Festival in Vermont

New Hampshire - Pumpkin Festival
Can't you just hear "Moonlight in Vermont" playing in the background? I can!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

PuMPkiN SPiCe - Fall is Almost Here?

Oh don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled it's almost Fall but where have these past months gone? I looked at the date of my last post and seriously I was shocked to see that I hadn't posted anything for months and months.  I am so behind and I apologize and thank you all for sticking with me. I hope you'd knew I'd eventually resurface, and here I am.

Ok Jeannine, then why haven't you posted? Where have I been?!

Well....sigh.. ok, here goes: I was hired at a job after I got laid off last October, for a place I thought would work out really well for me. It wasn't and didn't. I never got anxiety at a job before and this place gave me an anxiety attack it seemed about every other day.  Where I sat for one, was facing a wall. There was no one to talk to all day. You were basically within cubicle walls and left pretty much for dead all day, unless I had a question about what I was doing, then I'd ask one of the other two gals in my department. They never spoke to me otherwise, no one did. Never a hi, how are you, how was your weekend, got any plans, what are you up to, blah blah blah, casual kind of conversation or rather just being friendly kind of talk. Nope. I was by myself all day, most everyday. It was miserable and depressing and after 6 long months, I finally quit. When I got home, I was emotionally done. I'd just want to cry and go to bed. I had no joy. No happiness. No nothing to do anything. I was ok on the weekend sort of but then Sunday night, I'd sink down into misery again knowing I had to go back. So there it is. Me just miserable and feeling emotionally and certainly creatively paralyzed, unable to function while I was working there. I felt like I owed it to myself and my health to leave, end it. I hated giving up the very large paycheck but money isn't everything so I did it with no regrets. It's in the past now thankfully and I can feel myself rising out of the ashes and soon I'll be back to running at 100%. Thank God in heaven it's over!

On the flip side of that though is I'm not working. Yet anyway. I've had some interviews and if I want to drive 2 hours each way and work 50 hours a week, yes I will have another high paying, soul sucking, life draining job. No. NO NO NO! I've discovered that I don't have it in me any longer to do that kind of work. I have a life. I have animals, a farm, a great husband to hang out with, my horses and dogs need my attention, I've got my art, all the things I want to create, places to go. You get the picture. Life is NOT about work! I'll figure out what I'm going to do. Maybe.

What do I WANT to do? I want to move back to snow country and be a ski instructor again or work in the ski industry again. It's my happy place. It's fun, energetic, positive, healthy. It's just a wonderful lifestyle and it's who I am. Moving to TN, I put it on hold thinking, oh you're too old, you'll grow out of it. No, never did and I'm sure I never will. So I'm sort of in the process of figuring out how to make it happen again. That'll be another blog post. Yes, I promise I'll be back soon and update you with any progress on that front!

Back to Fall: This morning I went with a good friend to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and what was on the menu? Pumpkin spice pancakes! Yes, it's that time again for everything cinnamon-y, clove, and whatever else makes up our favorite holiday scent. I didn't have them but I was happy they were back. I'm sure Starbucks has their pumpkin spice lattes back on the menu as well. Yay for Fall!! Hurry and get here!! I love everything about it; the scents (pumpkin spice!), the weather, Halloween, pumpkins on the porch, corn stalks, all of it!
One of my new painted garden stones - in time for Fall
Pumpkin Man - a new sculpt
And this summer I grew a lot of flowers and made a new garden. I even planted sunflowers! They were gorgeous but didn't stick around as long as I'd hoped. I may try another type next spring. My zinnias were and are gorgeous. Those have to be my all time favorite flower now and I'm going to plant oodles of them next year.
They were so tall!

Not full grown but charming with the metal sap bucket
A bit of decor in the front garden
Herbs: Basil, lavender (2), rosemary (2) and citronella (bugs!)
Something else? We adopted another wonderful dog. That makes #6. No I'm NOT a hoarder as some have accused me of. I do not "collect" animals to just have them or to try and "save them all", but while I'm able, I'm going to do my part. I'm helping/rescuing an otherwise soon-to-be-run over dog that will surely get hit on the highway if he's not taken in, so that's what I did. Again.  I have 2 older dogs that I believe are about 15 and then 4 younger ones. My vet says they will "cycle" and I unfortunately know what she's referring to, which is very sad...but I get it's one of those awful parts of life we all have to face sometime or another.  

The new doggie is named Dolly. She's a full pitbull with the biggest head I've ever seen! She's white and brown and just the sweetest dog ever. I've not heard a growl or seen any type of aggressive posture whatsoever. Just all big tongue and lots of kisses. 
Look at that face!
I still have my Mountain Cur Sophie who I found with 2 broken legs as well as ribs, emaciated, and neglected and because she couldn't walk, she'd drag herself. It was pitiful. She's now thriving! She runs the fastest of all my dogs, loves to play, is a whopping 68 lbs, previously 24, and is a joy. 
Bug and Lucy, my 2 other rescues are doing great as well and growing to be big, wonderful dogs. And of course there's my 6 kitties too. Yes, it's a very full house but you know what? It's full of LOVE!!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

So Stinkin' Cute!

As much as I loathe flying, stinging, buzzing insects that emerge in the Spring, I ADORE being outside. Puttering around my acreage, gardening, creating vignettes with pots and plants and old metal buckets, you get it. Well, I have another passion to share with you; POTTING BENCHES! Not just regular, boring, plain wood, but mismatched, crazy quilt, rustic, quirky, fabulous potting benches! Take a look at some of these:


Hmmm looks simple enough

Love all the décor!


Old window frame, shutters, chicken wire = LOVE


I love the aqua fence boards. Simple and cottage-y

I love the imagination that went into building these. I also love that instead of items being taken to the dump and ending up in landfills, that they were repurposed and recycled. That's fantastic. Old fence boards, junky windows and frames, tattered shutters, pallets, scroll-y pieces of leftover ironwork, corbels, trims, whatever...just fabulous!

Spring is just around the corner and I can't wait to start planning a few of my own.